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Highlighted Research Publications

• H. Taipale / J. Thoma-Schneider / J. Pinzón, …, & J.J. Luykx. Real-World Representation and Outcomes of Individuals with Schizophrenia Not Eligible for RCTs (JAMA Psychiatry, in press): during this three-year project initiated, set up and coordinated by myself, collaborators and I found a way to analyze real-world representation of schizophrenia patients eligible for RCTs, which turned out to be only around 20%, making us call for more inclusive RCTs.
• J.J. Luykx / D. Loef / B. Lin, …& A. Dols / B. Rutten. Interrogating Associations between Polygenic Liabilities and Electroconvulsive Therapy Effectiveness (Biological Psychiatry, 2021): I united collaborators over Europe to collect the largest ECT responsiveness dataset with DNA to date and found a strong and linear, consistent association between PRS-schizophrenia and ECT responsiveness.
• M. Olislagers, K. Rademakers, R. Adan, B. Lin & J.J. Luykx. Comprehensive analyses of RNA-seq and genome-wide data point to enrichment of neuronal cell type subsets in neuropsychiatric disorders (Molecular Psychiatry, 2021): using available genetic data of millions of people we show that neuronal subsets are consistently implicated in psychiatric disorders while in neurological disorders a variety of CNS cells are involved.
• N. de Boer, …& J.J. Luykx. Longitudinal associations between alcohol use, smoking, genetic risk scoring, and symptoms of depression in the general population: a prospective six-year cohort study (Psychological Medicine, 2021): with collaborators from TRIMBOS in a longitudinal cohort with phenotypic and genotype data we show that reducing smoking and alcohol use diminishes depressive symptoms later on.
• J.J. Luykx & B. Lin. Are psychiatric disorders risk factors for COVID-19 susceptibility and severity? a two-sample, bidirectional, univariable and multivariable Mendelian Randomization study (Translational Psychiatry, 2021): using large genetic datasets we show it’s unlikely that psychiatric disorders increase COVID-19 risk.
• J.J. Luykx, N. Stam, …. & Heidi Taipale. In the aftermath of clozapine discontinuation: comparative effectiveness and safety of antipsychotics in patients stopping clozapine (British Journal of Psychiatry, 2020): with Finnish collaborators we show that in those stopping clozapine for unknown reasons restarting clozapine and olanzapine are safest and most effective.
• B.D. Lin, A. Alkema, …. & J.J. Luykx. Assessing causal links between metabolic traits, inflammation and schizophrenia: a univariable and multivariable bidirectional Mendelian Randomization study (International Journal of Epidemiology, 2019): using both univariate and multivariate MR we find evidence that dyslipidemia has a role in schizophrenia independent of medication status.
• R. McLaughlin, D. Schijven,….. & O. Hardiman / J.H. Veldink / J.J. Luykx. Genetic correlation between amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and schizophrenia (Nature Communications, 2017): in an international consortium set up by others and myself we found the first evidence of genetic overlap between schizophrenia and ALS.  

Highlighted Collaborative Work

·      V. Trubetskoy, …, J.J. Luykx, et al. Mapping genomic loci prioritises genes and implicates synaptic biology in schizophrenia (Nature, in press).

·      L.. Katrin-Pries, …, J.J. Luykx, B. Rutten & S. Guloksuz. The main and interacting effects of recent stressful life events with genomic and exposomic liability for schizophrenia on mental and physical health (JAMA Psychiatry, 2020).

·      K. Gatsby, …., J.J. Luykx, et al. The Genetic Architecture of the HumanCerebral Cortex (Science, 2020).

·      S. Guloksuz, …, J.J. Luykx, B. Rutten & J. van Os. Association of preceding psychosis risk states and non-psychotic mental disorders with incidence of clinical psychosis in the general population: a prospective study in the NEMESIS-2 cohort (World Psychiatry, 2020).

·      Cross-disorder group of the psychiatric genomics consortium, …., J.J. Luykx, et al. Genome-wide meta-analysis identifies genomic relationships, novel loci, and pleiotropic mechanisms across eight psychiatric disorders (Cell, 2019).

·      L. Duncan, …., J.J. Luykx, et al. Anorexia nervosa genome-wide association study identifies eight loci implicating metabo-psychiatric origins (Nature Genetics, 2019).

Highlighted opinion pieces

·      J.J. Luykx & Jari Tiihonen. Antipsychotic discontinuation: mind the patient and the real-world evidence (The Lancet Psychiatry, 2021).

·       J.J.Luykx& C.H. Vinkers. Antipsychotica: geen panacee maar vaak van meerwaarde (MedischContact, 2021).

·      J.J. Luykx, C.H. Vinkers & J.K. Tijdink. Psychiatry in times of theCOVID-19 pandemic: an imperative for psychiatrists to act now (JAMAPsychiatry, 2020).

·      J.J. Luykx, … & C.H. Vinkers. Safe and informed prescribing of psychotropic medication during the COVID-19 pandemic (British Journal of Psychiatry,2020).

·       J.J. Luykx, A. Di Florio & Veerle Bergink. Prevention of infanticide and suicide in the postpartum period: the importance of emergency care (JAMA Psychiatry, 2019).

·       J.J. Luykx, R. van der Spek, …., Annelien Bredenoord & Ger Palmboom. Unconsented genetic testing in psychiatry: an (almost) no go? (The Lancet Psychiatry, 2019).

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