We are often looking for enthusiastic students willing to work on our research projects. These are intended for highly motivated BSc or MSc students willing to gain experience in the genetics of psychiatric disorders. A lot of the work we do concerns biostatistics; some of the work also involves wet lab activities. Students will typically carry out a self-contained project (background reading, designing a study, generating materials, analysing results, reporting the results in writing and presenting them orally) during a flexible time frame. These projects will be performed in collaboration with one or more of our postdocs, PhD students, lab technicians and bioinformaticians that are experienced in a broad range of topics, so we can likely match you to a project of your interest. If you are a highly motivated student interested in one or more of the following subjects, then please don't hesitate to informally inquire.

  • Targeted next-generation DNA and RNA sequencing in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder
  • Genetic overlap studies (e.g. Mendelian Randomization, Polygenic Risk Scoring)
  • Other genetic studies in psychiatric patients: PTSD-related phenotypes; Pathway analysis studies in schizophrenia; Genetics of clozapine use (www.clozinstudy.com); Genetics of ECT responsiveness; EEG genomics
  • I am also country coordinator for the Prednisolone trial (placebo-controlled randomized trial studying the effects of prednisolone addition to antipsychotics), EULAST (European randomized controlled trial studying treatment effects of oral vs depot antipsychotics and pharmacogenetics in schizophrenia) and RAPSODI (trial into add-on of raloxifene vs. placebo in the treatment of schizophrenia).
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